Standalone Books

Although Joanne Fluke is best known for the Hannah Swensen series, she’s also released dozens of standalone books over the years.

We’ve therefore produced a list below of all of these standalone novels so that you can keep track of everything else that she’s written.

The list links to pages for each of the books. On those pages you can find the following information:

  • Whether or not it was written under a pseudonym
  • Its date of publication
  • A description of the book
  • An image of the novel’s cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon where you can buy a copy or read reviews

We also have a complete list of all her books in order by release date.

List Of Standalone Joanne Fluke Books

  1. The Stepchild
  2. The Other Child
  3. Winter Chill
  4. Cold Judgment
  5. Vengeance Is Mine
  6. High Stakes
  7. Station Break
  8. Video Kill
  9. Final Appeal
  10. Dead Giveaway
  11. Fatal Identity
  12. The Dead Girl
  13. Slay Bells
  14. Deadly Memories
  15. My Bloody Valentine
  16. The Seance
  17. Eyes
  18. Wicked
  19. Dance Of Death
  20. A Match For Melissa
  21. A Season For Samantha
  22. A Husband For Holly
  23. Caitlyn’s Cowboy
  24. A Valentine For Vanessa
  25. Cookies And Kisses
  26. A Townhouse For Tessa
  27. Obsessed
  28. Twisted
  29. Afraid