Joanne Fluke – Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance Is Mine by Joanne Fluke was the fifth of her novels to be published and is a standalone story.

This book’s release date was January 1, 1986 and was re-released on November 24, 2015.

Vengeance Is Mine book description

As a family clinic administrator, Michele Layton has seen her share of suffering. But never anything like this. Not here in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

A local activist has been found murdered, his body frozen like a statue and placed in a Winter Carnival ice sculpture display.

Next a vicious hate crime puts a man in the ICU. And locked away in the Holy Rest mental ward, a deranged man of the cloth prays for more sinners to be punished — and waits for a sign from above.

These seemingly random acts lead police chief Steve Radke to Michele, who could be the next pawn in a madman’s chess game of life and death, good versus evil…

Joanne Fluke Vengeance Is Mine

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