Joanne Fluke – The Other Child

The Other Child is a standalone book by Joanne Fluke and was the second of her stories to be released.

The publication date of this novel was February 28, 1983.

The Other Child book description

Where Innocence Dies…

Expectant parents Karen and Mike Houston are excited about restoring their old rambling Victorian mansion to its former glory. With its endless maze of rooms, hallways, and hiding places, it’s a wonderful place for their nine-year-old daughter Leslie to play and explore.

Unfortunately, they didn’t listen to the stories about the house’s dark history. They didn’t believe the rumors about the evil that lived there.

…The Nightmare Begins.

It begins with a whisper. A child’s voice beckoning from the rose garden. Crying out in the night.

It lures little Leslie to a crumbling storm door. Down a flight of broken stairs. It calls to their unborn child. It wants something from each of them. Something in their very hearts and souls.

Tonight, the house will reveal its secret. Tonight, the other child will come out to play. . .

Joanne Fluke The Other Child

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