Joanne Fluke – The Dead Girl

Joanne Fluke – The Dead Girl was a standalone story and was her first book to be written under the pseudonym Jo Gibson.

This novel had a release date of November 1, 1993 and was re-released on July 29, 2014 in a collection of two ‘Jo Gibson’ stories called Afraid.

The Dead Girl book description

Julie Forrester is a dead ringer for her cousin Vicki. They could pass for twins – except for the fact that Vicki isn’t alive anymore.

Now, when Julie goes to stay with her aunt and uncle in Colorado, everyone keeps mistaking her for her cousin.

Late at night, she even dreams about Vicki. Reaching out from the grave. Trying to come back.

With each passing day, Julie fears she’s becoming someone else.

Someone sick.

Someone deranged.

Someone dead.

Joanne Fluke The Dead Girl

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