Joanne Fluke Pseudonyms

Although she became famous publishing the bestselling Hannah Swensen series under her own name, Joanne Fluke has written many books using different pseudonyms.

We’ve therefore produced pages for each of the pen names under which she has released novels and short stories and listed them below.

Clicking on the title of a name below will take you to a page which lists all of those books. The title of each book in turn takes you to a page where you can find the following details:

  • Whether it was a short story, standalone book or part of a series
  • The date that is was released
  • A description of the story
  • An image of the book’s cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon in case you’d like to check out reviews or buy a copy

To see a complete list of all of the books that she’s published in chronological order – both under her real name and pen names – click here.

List Of Joanne Fluke Pseudonyms

  1. Chris Hunter
  2. Gina Jackson
  3. Jo Gibson
  4. John Fischer
  5. Kathryn Kirkwood