Joanne Fluke – Lady Radcliffe’s Ruse

Lady Radcliffe’s Ruse by Joanne Fluke is a short story that was published under the pseudonym Kathryn Kirkwood and is part of A Match For Mother, a collection of three short stories by different authors.

The publication date of this Regency Romance collection was April 1, 1999.

Lady Radcliffe’s Ruse book description

Mothers – they wipe away the tears and share a wonderful kind of love. It’s hardly surprising that the resourceful children of Regency widows decide that their dear mamas have been alone too long and start searching for those special men who will put a sparkle back in their mothers’ eyes…

The machinations of newly-engaged Willow to see her mother in the same happy state as she result in “Lady Radcliffe’s Ruse” by Kathryn Kirkwood.

Having no wish to remarry, Claire Radcliffe resorts to a pretend engagement with the rakish Earl of Somerset. But she soon finds herself in an all-too-real courtship falling under the irresistible spell of this very determined gentleman.

Joanne Fluke Lady Radcliffe's Ruse

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