Joanne Fluke – Dance Of Death

Dance Of Death by Joanne Fluke is a standalone novel that was released under the pseudonym Jo Gibson.

This book had a publication date of December 1, 1996 and was subsequently re-released on July 29, 2014 as part of Afraid, a collection of two ‘Jo Gibson’ stories.

Dance Of Death book description

They were the most gorgeous shoes Donna Burke had ever seen. An exquisite pair of scarlet high heels. And allegedly cursed.

According to the old shopkeeper, the shoes endowed their wearers with incredible talent – and horrible misfortune. But that doesn’t stop Donna’s friends from buying them.

One by one, the girls are drawn to the shoes. One by one, the girls suffer grisly fates. And learn a sinister, final truth: One size kills all.

Joanne Fluke Dance Of Death

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