Joanne Fluke – Cookies And Kisses

Cookies And Kisses by Joanne Fluke is a standalone book that was released under the pseudonym Gina Jackson.

This Bouquet Romance novel was published on February 1, 2000.

Cookies And Kisses book description

Former New Yorker Taylor MacIntyre figures it’ll take some time to adapt to life in tiny Two Rivers, Minnesota. Everything’s new to her, from potluck dinners to shoveling front walks to being the main topic of local gossip!

It seems the townsfolk are buzzing that she’s already snagged the most eligible local bachelor. But she and Neil Rossi are just friendly neighbors…until the sexy single dad finds himself in need of a wife, pronto!

After his disastrous first marriage, Neil swore he’d never be wed again. But when his conniving ex threatens him with a custody suit, he realizes his only weapon is to find a perfect stepmom for his kids.

Who better than his new pal Taylor, who is as sweet and wholesome as her own fresh-baked cookies?! The trouble is, Neil soon develops forever kind of feelings for his temporary Mrs….

Joanne Fluke Cookies And Kisses

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