Joanne Fluke – Christmas Caramel Murder

Joanne Fluke’s Christmas Caramel Murder is the 20th installment in the Hannah Swensen series.

This novel had a release date of September 27, 2016.

Christmas Caramel Murder book description

Christmas normally descends on Lake Eden, Minnesota, as gently as reindeer alighting on a rooftop—but this yuletide season the only thing coming down Hannah Swensen’s chimney is a case of murder…

The holidays have arrived, and Hannah and her good pal Lisa have agreed to provide all the goodies for the town’s annual production of A Christmas Carol. But before anyone can say “Bah, humbug!” a Santa-sized sackful of trouble ensues.

Like the fact that Lisa’s husband will be playing Mr. Claus to his ex-girlfriend Phyllis Bates’ Mrs. Claus. Or that before the curtains even go up Phyllis is found dead in the snow — wearing a costume that the real Mrs. Claus would put on the naughty list.

Soon after the suspects pile up faster than snowdrifts in a blizzard, while a merry murderer remains on the loose. With clues even harder to find, it might take a visit from ghosts of Christmas past to wrap up this mystery in time for the holidays…

Joanne Fluke Christmas Caramel Murder

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