Joanne Fluke – Caitlyn’s Cowboy

Joanne Fluke – Caitlyn’s Cowboy is a standalone book by the bestselling novelist and was published under the pseudonym Gina Jackson.

This Bouquet Romance novel had a publication date of September 1, 1999.

Caitlyn’s Cowboy book description

The Heiress

Caitlin Bradford was starting a new life. She’d left behind her unfaithful husband; she’d quit her high-powered job in advertising.

Free from the suffocating hold of Boston high society, she came to Little Fork, Wyoming to sort out her late aunt’s affairs, only to discover she’d inherited half a ranch…and a partner.

And The Cowboy

But what a partner! Sinfully handsome Dane Morrison was one hundred percent pure cowboy. He couldn’t help but be captivated by the sophisticated city gal who knew nothing about ranching. She was bewitching, beautiful, and determined to embrace the challenges that life on the ranch promised.

But Dane’s not looking for a wife, or a commitment, even though with each passing day Caitlyn is melting the walls of ice around his heart, and convincing him that the magic they share is real…and forever.

Joanne Fluke Caitlyn's Cowboy

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