Joanne Fluke – A Valentine For Vanessa

Joanne Fluke’s A Valentine For Vanessa is a standalone story that was released under the pseudonym Kathryn Kirkwood.

This Regency Romance had a date of publication of January 1, 2000.

A Valentine For Vanessa book description

There had never been a valentine for overly tall and unfashionable Vanessa Holland… until she went to work at Lord Thurston’s estate.

Experienced at helping her physician father with his country practice, she had been hired to transform Lord Thurston’s shy invalid sister into a healthy and confident lady of the ton. But what awaited Vanessa at Thurston’s estate was more than the reclusive Lady Millicent.

There, a secret admirer began flattering her with love notes. And there, she began to change from an ugly duckling into a swan.

Now as Valentine’s Day neared, Vanessa might have a day of love and roses after all as her mysterious suitor promised to reveal his identity – and win her heart forever!

Joanne Fluke A Valentine For Vanessa

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