Joanne Fluke – A Townhouse For Tessa

Joanne Fluke’s A Townhouse For Tessa was originally published under the pseudonym Kathryn Kirkwood and is a standalone book.

This Regency Romance novel had a release date of December 1, 2001.

A Townhouse For Tessa book description

Upon the death of her beloved grandmother, Tessa Lockhard receives a faded letter and a beautiful pendant – and learns the stunning news that she was adopted at birth.

Shunned from her social circle by way of malicious gossip, she leaves for London with the knowledge that on her twenty-first birthday – just two weeks away – she will discover the truth about her past.

She never expects to discover that she is the daughter of a countess, or to inherit a beautiful townhouse – or to succumb to the charms of the devilishly handsome Harry Fallbrook.

The anonymous scribe of a witty political magazine that lampoons the scandalous antics of the ton, Harry inspires her to secretly pen sly cartoons under the pseudonym “Lord A.”

Careful not to reveal herself as a member of the peerage he spears so mercilessly, Tessa is about to discover her sweet Harry has a few secrets of his own – including his passionate desire to claim her heart.

Joanne Fluke A Townhouse For Tessa

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