Joanne Fluke – A Season For Samantha

Joanne Fluke’s A Season For Samantha was published under the pseudonym Kathryn Kirkwood and is a standalone story.

This Regency Romance novel had a release date of February 1, 1999.

A Season For Samantha book description

When country orphan Samantha Bennings ran away to escape marriage to a pinched-face preacher, she encountered his very opposite at the Two Feathers Inn. A divinely handsome gentleman, who mistaking her for a light skirt, kissed her soundly!

Thankful for the acquaintance of another young lady, in flight from a noble bridegroom she’d never seen, Samantha agreed to impersonate her for the London season, only to find that the unwanted fiancé, Harry Fielding – Duke of Westbury – was the amorous stranger from the Two Feathers.

Samantha soon found she could overlook the duke’s earlier indelicacy…in fact, she quite desired it to be repeated! He, in turn, was entirely smitten with this beautiful bride he had been ready to spurn.

Only, in truth, he was not the reclusive duke but his staunch friend David Brackney, standing in for him and merrily duping the ton.

And when love bloomed between these two pretenders, their unmasking could prove to be their downfall – or a blessing in disguise.

Joanne Fluke A Season For Samantha

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