Joanne Fluke – A Family For Felix

Joanne Fluke – A Family For Felix is a short story that she wrote under the pseudonym Kathryn Kirkwood and is part of Winter Kittens, a collection of three feline-themed short stories.

This Regency Romance book had a date of publication of December 7, 1998.

A Family For Felix book description

Every afternoon, the cat that belongs to Lord Stonehill’s sister disappears, only to return with a new toy or a bright ribbon.

Intrigued, Stonehill follows the feline Felix, and finds the puss has a young family – and a new friend, the lovely Miss Margaret Whitmore, an avowed bluestocking.

Stonehill thought London held no new pleasures…until Felix introduced the jaded peer to this special young lady.

Joanne Fluke A Family For Felix

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